I have dedicated the rest of my lunches this year to the cities FOOD TRUCKS/CARTS.

Read about my adventures, as I give you the lowdown of the food to go check out, and those that ended with me in the office bathroom.

About me

I am a native Washingtonian and been in the REAL WORLD for about 10 years. This 10 years have been spent on lunches of boring, predictable and bland lunches. In my new job, I was introduced to a burrito cart, which I have grown to absolutely LOVE. It definitely has become one of our regular stops during the week of lunches. About a year into this job, we ventured out for another food cart, the Korean cart. Again, it became a regular.

This lead me to think that the street food in the city is not as bad as the perception is.

Recently, there have been an influx of food trucks, and it has become all the rage in the city. I am DEFINITELY all about it. The unpredictability of choices for lunch, and the yearning for different tasting foods, the people you get to meet and the stories you tell can't be duplicated at your neighborhood Quiznos.

I have devoted my lunches to food trucks.

The ratings is based on a score of WHEELS (get it? - food trucks?) from 1-10. 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.